If you are interested in hearing me discuss “The Road to Deer Run” on a podcast interview, you can access it this Saturday July 17 at 4 pm Eastern time (that’s 3 pm Central, 1 pm Pacific). Just go to Toginet.com, use the navigation bar at the top and click on “Our Shows”. Click on the iUniverse link. It will be the first of three author interviews and will last about 15-20 minutes. There will be a repeat podcast on Monday July 19 at 10 pm Eastern (9 pm Central, 7 pm Pacific). Hope you enjoy it!

There is a story about my book “The Road to Deer Run” in the Summer issue of Life: Beautiful magazine. It’s available right now at all Barnes and Noble stores and most larger Walmart’s and Borders Books across the country. It’s also available at Wellspring Books in Urbandale, IA. Life: Beautiful is a publication aimed at Christian women. The story was a great opportunity to tell people about the book and share about how it all came to be. Hope you enjoy!

Book Club Talk

June 18, 2010

I spoke at a book club Wed. evening hosted by Marie McCartan (Thank you, Marie!) and had a great time! A dozen ladies that had read “The Road to Deer Run” asked me a gazillion questions about the writing, the characters, etc. We talked about colonial times, the lives of early Americans, the difficulties of going to war in the American Revolution and not hearing from a loved one for months and years — it makes one appreciate keeping in e-mail contact with our soldiers overseas in 2010. It also makes me appreciate even more the sacrifices that our ancestors made to settle this land and begin our new nation.

One book that describes the turning point in the American Revolution is “Saratoga” by Richard Ketchum. It is a detailed account of the defeat of the British troops in Saratoga, New York in 1777. It was devastating for the British and heartening to the Americans. The French even threw in their hat to help us after this, our first great victory in the war. This is the battle in which my ancestor, Daniel Prince (a British soldier in the 21st Regiment) was taken as a prisoner of war.

Launching my new book

April 19, 2010

After two years of research and writing, my novel is live! “The Road to Deer Run” has finally been birthed! My passion for history and writing has melded together into a dream come true and I hope that my readers enjoy being drawn into the colonial world of Mary Thomsen and Daniel Lowe. It is a different time and place, but we share many of the same struggles in 2010 as our ancestors did in the 1770’s. My novel is based on two of my ancestors who were on opposing sides during the American Revolution. Love triumphed over politics!

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